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Outside In  the Way to Chaos by ArthurRamsey Outside In  the Way to Chaos by ArthurRamsey

Outside In

Some people live life from the outside in the problem with this is that often we have no control of the outside that wants to run our lives. I believe in living inside out take care of the heart and listen to what it’s saying kind of like the ending to the movie “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith.

So in this image, I am artistically showing an Outside In world with this scene of a Friday early evening Ghost Town in Colorado. When you look in the building windows you see the outside instead of instead and further demonstrating the outside crowding out the inside and what if the outside things are not all visible?

Now for credits

I made the car from my own stocks and photography   Ghost Car High Resolution by ArthurRamsey

Some texture from the kitten who roars Texture 10 by Sisterslaughter165 brushes from :iconokami-rain:

St. Elmo, Colorado Ghost Town by DamselStock  from :icondamselstock:

background: GT3 by LongStock from :iconlongstock:

Ice Lakes Hike by yalanrei from :iconyalanrei: If you zoom in you can see the outside from this stock in the windows

 In a nutshell its all about the contrast of lifestyle either living your life on the inside out or go the chaotic route of living from the outside in. If you were to look in the building windows inside the houses it is outdoors but can't really see it small. Everything is turned inside out artistically posing a question are you living outside in (which is chaos) or inside out? It has a good message for life... living from outside in is a reaction mode of living  but living from the inside out puts our hearts center to make decisions based on faith and conviction.…

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